Visit of Austrian student group under supervision of Prof. Dr. Gregor van der Beek to NTU “KhPI”

Austrian Group (Prof. Dr. Gregor van der Beek, and three Master Students from Carinthia University of Applied Sciences) visited National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”.The visit to Ukraine had a great success in both respects: first regarding to the recent projects and second - to the development of future collaboration.

First: The recent projects had several aspects; besides of an academic exchange between Professors, a seminar including vivid discussions took place. Most of all, the integration of the Austrian students into a management project of the Ukrainian International Management Program provided a win-win situation for both sides. It was a realistic simulation of real world intercultural management. It is necessary to emphasize that the Ukrainian students of the international Management Program at Kharkiv fit without any problem into corresponding programs in Western Europe; this is true for both, for their language skills and for the content of the program. Besides of this the students got along very well on a personal basis.

Second: The discussion and meetings with the Ukrainian colleagues are a basis for the further and deeper collaboration between the Austrian and the Ukrainian International Management Programs. In order to specify the details a Ukrainian colleague will visit the department of Economics and Management of CUAS in Villach.