1.1 Creating project structures and ensuring their sustainable functioning.

1.2 Generalization of European experience and educational institutions’ strategies in the field of internationalization.

1.3 Series of International video conferences for students and teachers.

1.4 Elaborating Workplan, reports, recommendations / conducting a series of practical training sessions for enhancing internationalization processes.

1.5 Holding a conference.

2.1 Exploring European experience in developing and functioning of virtual medium for joint international learning and teaching.

2.2 Developing Open virtual platform «E-Learning Int. Clearing house» on the basis of  WEB 2.0 technology.

2.3 Creating electronic store of training courses summary on the basis of E-Learning Int. Clearing house.

2.4 Forming virtual social groups for teachers according to their subjects on the basis of E-Learning Int. Clearing house.

2.5 Exploration of international experience in creating and administrating auditory rooms for conducting virtual international lessons.

2.6 Providing academic resources and technical conditions for creating and functioning of auditory rooms to conduct virtual international lessons.

2.7 Conducting workshops on developing skills of international online project teamwork and using E-Learning Int. Clearing house.

3.1 Selection of pilot courses in each university and searching for binomial of teachers.

3.2 Teachers’ probations at European universities.

3.3 Trainings for teachers on using e-tools.

3.4 Adjusting e-components to the tasks of selected pilot courses.

3.5 Carrying out the autumn and spring phases of pilot training.

3.6 Analysis of intermediate results and experience exchange / studying best practices by CIS students in EU on the results of their participation in the pilot phase.

3.7 Generalizing successful experience and publishing collected methodological materials summarizing the work results.

3.8 Carrying out regional seminars and a International Conference.

4.1 Conducting PR campaign / Publishing periodical materials.

4.2 Publication of teaching and methodological materials for teachers and students.

4.3 Holding seminars, round tables, workshops and International Conference.

5.1 Development of sustainability strategy by project structures.

5.2 Financial sustainability / consulting services organization.

6.1 Internal Cross-University Monitoring, Quality Assessment & Control.

6.2 Cross-University Quality Assessment & Control / Holding of the Evaluation Seminars.

7.1 Establishing Project Managers Board.

7.2 Coordination meetings.