Training of the teacher of NTU “KhPI” at CUAS

In the framework of the project (Act 3.2.) training was organized at the University of Carinthia (Austria) for Natalia Shiryaeva, a senior lecturer of Finance Faculty of Business and Finance Department. The purpose of training is to provide opportunities for teachers of NTU "KhPI" to learn the educational methods of their European colleagues. The virtual international binomials teachers became real and they could work together to improve the training courses in their subject areas during the training. International component will enhance the quality of the courses and the internationalization of curricula at the university. The visit allowed to exchange experiences based on computer technology in the field of Mathematics and Statistics. Visit included several meetings with representatives of the University of Carinthia, namely, Dr.Stoiser (teacher in the field of Statistics) and Dr. Ungermanns (teacher and also works in Infinion company), and Dr. Pester (the TEMPUS program coordinator in CUAS).

As a result of the meetings, several ways of cooperation were identified. Some topics, which can be done by students from Austria and Kharkov universities in Statistics, were agreed. The topics should be done in “ppt” format using Statistical tools for calculations and graphical presentations. Videoconference is planned to take place in the middle of December 2011.